Calvary Baptist is an "Old Fashioned " Southern Baptist Church with old time beliefs. We are convinced that in these modern times of self gratification, old time religion is still the answer to individuals and families torn and vexed with the "wicked conversations" of this sin cursed world. The preaching is Spirit filled and without personal agenda, the praying is in Faith and the praising is done by forgiven sinners. In this world filled with all sorts of religious psychology and modern theology, Calvary is a breath of fresh air, the oldest type of air.


We believe in one God (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost).  

We believe you cannot loose your salvation - If you get saved you will never lose it!!  

We believe in the Sovereignty of God. He is the supreme King and His will is immutable.    

We believe that the King James Version of the Bible is the true Word of God!!! 

We believe Christian Fellowship is a major truth, taught in the Word of God and should be honored in the life of a Christian before other activities.  

Come join us in learning who God is and serving Him for His Glory!!

May God Bless You for visiting this site!!