Brother Mark Moore was called by God to come and be the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in May of 2011.  Brother Moore and Vera came to us from Candor, North Carolina, where he was the Pastor of Center Baptist Church  for over 10 years.  When God opened the door for him to move to Calvary, he was remodeling the Church in Candor. He finished the remodeling with the dedication service and moved to Florida to lead Calvary Baptist Church. After his arrival, he stayed in a travel trailer and along with several men of the church, rebuilt the Parsonage, which sits next to the church.   He and his wife, Vera, moved in the Parsonage in December, 2011.

The church has thrived under God's leadership through Pastor Moore.  He is a dynamic, enthusiastic Pastor, who at times is called a "Bapticostal Preacher."  He believes you should put your all in serving serving Jesus and that is done through the local Church.  He has helped revive the Church's purpose in bringing lost souls to Christ and making better men and women of the members of the Church through pure Bible principles.  He preaches from the King James Version only and his messages instructional for the Saved, for righteous living in this present evil world, and redeeming for the lost sinner, showing them a Savior who will set them free from the bondage of sin. 


Youth Director:  Mrs. Vera Moore is our Youth Director.  Our Youth Program is on Sunday afternoons. Mrs. Vera has given insightful leadership and instills confidence in the vision of our Church to reach our Youth for Jesus. Wearing two hats, Mrs. Vera still teaches one of our Ladies Sunday school classes. She is an enthusiastic example to all who become acquainted with her.  



Brian lives in Bainbridge, Georgia with his wife Penny, daughters Shawna and Cheyenne.  They joined Calvary Baptist Church in 2012.  Brian leads the singing on Sunday Evening and Wednesday night services.  He and his sister, Dolores Roberts, sing Southern Gospel music with beautiful harmony.  He has been called by God to Preach and has preached at Calvary as well as churches in North Carolina/Florida/Georgia.




         (1) Bro. WAYNE CHUMLEY

          Wayne lives in Chattahoochee, Florida.  He is the only surviving Deacon of the original deacons ordained for Calvary Baptist Church when it first opened.  Although his age has slowed him down, he is a faithful and loving servant to God and Calvary Baptist Church.  He loves the Lord!!!



        Nolan was ordained as a Deacon at Calvary Baptist Church in 2012. Nolan and Patty Coumbe live in       Chattahoochee, Florida. He is the Men's Sunday School Teacher.  His wife, Patty is active in the church and plays the piano for the church services. 


        (3) Bro. HARRY GILLEY

         Harry was ordained as a Deacon at Calvary Baptist Church in 2012.  Harry and Brenda Gilley live in Chattahoochee, Florida.  Harry is active in Brotherhood and is a faithful man. He volunteered and handles the sign at the entrance of the church.  Brenda is active in WMU, Sunday School and church. 



       (4) Bro. JERRY THOMPSON

         Jerry was ordained as a Deacon at Calvary Baptist Church in 2012.  Jerry and Zilla Thompson live in Grand Ridge, Florida. They have a son and daughter and five grandchildren.  Jerry is active in leading the choir on Sunday mornings. He attends Brotherhood meetings, works on Maintenance Crew for the church and volunteers his time where needed.  Zilla is the Sunday School Teacher for 4th through 6th grade.  She is active in church, WMU, and volunteers her time to help in the church where-ever needed. 




Steve has been one of the cornerstone members of Calvary Baptist Church who worked with others on keeping the church open and thriving for God's glory!!  He was the prior Sunday School Director until his ministry took he and his wife, Jeanine, to work with the Lighthouse Children's Home in Tallahassee.  He now helps with Sunday School by collecting data on Sunday School attendance, deposits the monies collected in Sunday School as well as Church Services each Sunday.  Steve has a beautiful voice and leads the congregational singing in the Sunday Morning Services.  He serves on the Finance Committee as well.



    Rotation by Women of Church





Mary lives in Chattahoochee, Florida with her husband, Sam.  She has been active in the church since 19_ _ .  She is the coordinator for our get togethers for food and refreshments and especially Vacation Bible Schoool.  She is a wonderful cook!!   She works with all the members on what to bring and coordinates this well.  She teaches the 3's through  Pre-K in Sunday School.  She is active in the church, WMU and serves as Treasurer. 


1st - 3rd Grade:   DOLORES ROBERTS

Dolores lives in Chattahoochee, Florida with her husband, Roy.  She has been active in the church since 2011 when they moved from North Carolina.  Dolores volunteered and is the lead on the Decoration Committee for the church.  She uses  new and prior decorations and creates beautiful decorations throughout the church and on special occasions. She teaches the 1st - 3rd grade Sunday School Class and helps with the the Youth Choir along with several other ladies of the Church. 


4th - 6th Grade:  ZILLA THOMPSON

Zilla lives in Grand Ridge, Florida with her husband, Jerry.  She loves the Lord and enjoys working with the children and finds this class exciting and encouraging in teaching our future Christian leaders. Her class is made up of 4th - 7th grades.  She works with the children on a Sunday lessons, God's plan for their salvation, memorizing the Bible chapters, developing prayer lists, recognizing prayers answered, completing Christian crafts and learning how to pray daily to their Saviour and Lord. 


7th - 12th Grade:   LEROY MCMILLAN

Leroy lives in Chattahoochee, Florida with his wife, Kaye. Leory teaches the youth Sunday School Class. He is an energetic man of God who instills God's teachings in the youth that he teaches.  He challenges them to see what is right and good in the world and to recognize evil and turn away from it.  Bro Leroy McMillan also serves on the School Board of Gadsden County.


Men's Class:  NOLAN COUMBE

      Nolan Coumbe lives in Chattahoochee, Florida with his wife, Patty.  He teaches the Men's Sunday School Class.  He has been blessed by God to have wisdom and knowledge of God's word and presents it to the men of the church in Sunday School.  This class has seen a 150% increase in attendance since he started teaching. He is an humble, soft spoken man of God who displays a Godly attitude and wisdom way beyond his years. The men of the church have grown in Spiritual and Godly love with his teachings.


Young Women's Classes:  VERA MOORE

Vera lives in Chattahoochee, Florida with her husband, Preacher Mark Moore.  She joined the Calvary Baptist Church in May of 2011, with her husband, Pastor Mark Moore.  She started teaching the class in 2012. Vera uses audio, video and verbal teachings to bring emphasis to the ladies she teaches.  She applies the lesson each Sunday to the day to day struggles young women encounter and the need to let Jesus be in control of your daily life. 


Senior Ladies Class:  JEANINE ROWAN 

     Jeanine has taught this class for many years.  She is a soft spoken, God given teacher who knows how to apply the lessons to our every day life.  Her class is very interactive and the women enjoy hearing her teach about God's mercy and strength through all our trials and tribulations.  She and her husband, Steve, work full time with the Lighthouse Children's Home in Tallahassee, Florida.