Please take the time to read the Newsletter from our Missionaries!!!
                           Let them be an encouragement to you. Let them be a reminder to pray for them always. Let it sink
                         in with each letter you read that this is a great part of the outreach of Calvary Baptist Church and that
                                      each soul that is led to the Lord on the field, is a soul saved that you had a hand in!
                                                                                  What a reason to rejoice!!
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The Shannons - Independent Baptist Indian Missions

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Erica Wright -  Prayer Baptist Missions International

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Bill and Vicki Richburg - Victory Baptist Press
Mar-Apr 2020

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The Lord Family - Albania
Jan thru March 2020

Facebook: TimCassie Lord

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He Concepcion Family - Dominican Rebublic
Mar/Apr 2020

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Bro Billy Hudson - The Lighthouse Children's Home
May 5, 2020

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Bro Dewey and Ms Rebecca Mars
Maritime Ministries Puerto Rico
May 25, 2020